Conventional or Zero Turn ?

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lawn mower 06Are you now looking for some ideas of which perfect lawn mower is you really need? Or have you got some ideas but still trying to reconsider everything on the mower so that you will not miss anything to get the best out of your budget? Whatever your state is, you deserve to get the best choice and that is why you need to read through this article. We are going to provide with some best options to fulfill your expectation on wither conventional lawn mowers or zero-turn mowers. They are all basically great, but in their own

Craftsman 37436 is to give you some representation on how conventional lawn mowers work. This mower itself cost for only about $430 which is considered as quite an affordable price. As one of the trustworthy best lawn mower, this one is equipped with a 7 lb-ft torque and rear-wheel drive. Aside of it, the fixed-handle and right-hand peed-control lever has become of the main specifications. Yet, the noise level is rather high which is around 93 dbA. Even, this is considered as higher than other mowers. However, the incredible design makes one plus point for this machine because basically the design affects the easily-adjusted height. Besides, the deck is completed with a shielded drive belt which is pretty well managed.

On the other hand, if you prefer more efficiently-worked lawn mowers, zero-turn mowers are great options, but with considerably higher price. Cub Cadet Zero-Turn Rider 365L is such an idol among other zero-turn mowers with its powerful and strong engine. The mowers cost for about $6,300 which makes such a major flaw of this mower because customers see this price as too much for a mower. Yet, the price comes definitely with the quality it brings, with an 18hp-engine and 4.5gallons-gas tank. The noise level is also not quite high with only works in 90 dbA.